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Nandivastu  founder Shri.K.S.Sandeep, is the first to evolve in bangalore region , the robust research and development department is constantly working in providing our clients with innovative and scientific solutions .We have found out energy is present in the way of frangance , music ,geometric shapes,positive energy pictures too. Our solutions are based on the results provided as feedback from clients. We provide our services both nationally and internationally.

Nandivastu works on the basic theme of panchatatwas .It describes the complete matrix of architecture, geometeric shapes of objects, placement of machineries and its orientation in regard to the directions, measurments and proportions with view to the environment.

K.S.Sandeep is widely acknowledged to be not just the Geopathic stress consultant  but the face of Subtle energy systems. He started at a time when few Indian consultants were considered good enough . But he changed those perceptions, especially in Energy field  where in 2016 he was given a chance to be the co guide in Alva’s Ayurvedic medical college for PG  ayurvedic students under the subject  Geopathic stress.

We specialize in frequency technology that is based on the use of natural, original quantum energy.
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